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Come meet the author and Have your book signed
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Saturday, September 11 2021,
from 10 AM to 3 PM
Jacqueline Stephens
will be presenting her book,
Heal, Change, Grow Beyond Heartbreak: A Chronicle of Pain, Rejection, Trauma, Self-Discovery & Healing

In her book she shares how she navigated her way through a marriage
rife with infidelity to a place of forgiveness, empowerment, and grace.

In writing about how she allowed her Christian values to become an excuse for enabling abuse and mistreatment,
Jacqueline outlines how self-examination and truth-telling led her to transition out of a
toxic relationship cycle and see herself fully as a woman of God, loved and treasured in His sight.

This is indeed a story of triumph over difficult circumstances and
how one woman mended the broken pieces of her life, discovered her God-given purpose, and reclaimed her life,
her voice, and identity.
Come and meet the author and get your book signed
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Saturday September 18. 2021
Rev. Dr. Kirk W. Morton
will be presenting his book
Biblical Nuggets
BIBLICAL NUGGETS - Daily Devotions for Everyday Life is a book of yearlong devotions, and it was written with you in mind.
Today, many are challenged by the plethora of circumstances which life presents
and biblical nuggets will help you to address and cope with those
circumstances by putting God's word as a daily portion (a nugget) first in your everyday life.
This book will assist you in helping you to put God's word first and
help you to address those daily challenges which arise every day in your life.