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The Dream Book: A Beginner's Guide to Understanding God's Voice While You Sleep

The Dream Book: A Beginner's Guide to Understanding God's Voice While You Sleep

by Stephanie Schureman

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Opportunity to Hear from Heaven

1: God; beginning; source; first in order, time, rank, or importance; love; first heaven (earthly, physical realm, see 2 Cor. 12:2-4).

    I cannot escape.

    My thoughts are drifting.
    Eyes too heavy to hold open.
    This story begins.
    In my dream, a “digital man” has risen to power. He knows details about me, my friends, and my family. He knows my cell-phone number, my address, details about my life. This digital man is able to control how I spend money, what I buy at the store.
    This makes me feel unsafe.
    He is dark. The sky is dark. He has power over everyone I know.
    The dream ends, I wake up.

    —Caleb, age 9
A Unique Opportunity to Hear from Heaven

As your body sleeps, your mind is quiet. Things that normally distract you are absent. God has this moment and your full attention. Jesus, the ultimate Storywriter, spins a tale that interweaves details from your life including people you are familiar with into a fascinating story line to captivate your imagination.

KEY: The dream story may highlight an area of your life, help you solve a problem, or give you a different perspective on a decision you are about to make or a relationship you are currently in.

That Dream Was Weird!

Most dreams are a bit bizarre. As friends tell you their dreams, you get used to hearing some odd and unusual scenarios, some of which may be very funny. A dream is like a parable incorporating components from daily life and culture to convey a concept you would not have thought of on your own.

Caleb’s dream at the beginning of this chapter is a good example of a parable dream. It tells a story, addresses an issue, and leaves the dreamer seeking an interpretation. As simple as the dream may seem, its message is quite profound.

The goal of interpretation is to catch the message of the dream to help the dreamer gain wisdom and work for positive change in his life.

The Basic Process of Dream Interpretation

Let’s revisit Caleb’s dream and the various elements it contains.

“In my dream, a ‘digital man’ has risen to power.”

  • In real life, Caleb has allowed himself to be influenced by the “digital man.”

QUESTION: Who is this “digital man”?

“He knows details about me, my friends, and my family. He knows my cell phone number, my address, details about my life.”

  • The digital man knows how to communicate with Caleb by way of technology such as cell phone, text, pictures, video, etc. These are various means by which the dreamer communicates with others in actual life.
  • The digital man is using those forms of communication to influence Caleb.
  • The digital man knows where Caleb lives and has access to his home. In this case, “home” represents the dreamer’s life or heart. (See Luke 12:34.)
  • The digital man has access to details in Caleb’s life and his heart.
  • This dream is alerting the dreamer, either positively or negatively, to what or who has access into your heart.

QUESTION: When you woke did you feel at peace or fearful about the person who had access to you?

ANSWER: When Caleb woke, he was fearful about the dream. This helps us answer the question about whether the intent of the influencer in the dream is good or evil. His intent is not good for Caleb.

“The digital man is able to control how I spend money, what I buy at the store.”

  • It seems the digital man has some amount of control or influence in the dreamer’s life, thoughts, and actions.
  • Control represents authority and is influencing how the dreamer uses his time, money, and abilities.
  • In a dream, money may represent what is valuable to the dreamer. What you spend money on is what you treasure (see Matt. 6:19-21).

“This makes me feel unsafe. He is dark. The sky is dark.”

Feelings are important clues on how a dream is to be interpreted. In Caleb’s dream:

  • Clue 1: The digital man causes the dreamer to feel unsafe.
  • Clue 2: The digital man is dark.
  • Clue 3: The sky is dark.

When a dream is dark or has an uneasy feeling about it, the common assumption is to believe that the enemy is speaking. However, you should never go to the enemy for answers or interpretation of any dream, for the enemy is a liar (see John 8:42-44).

The Bible makes it very clear that all true dream interpretation belongs to God (see Gen. 40:8; Dan. 2:26-28). The digital man is “dark”—simply put, he is the enemy. God knows what is in darkness, and He exposes it! (See Daniel 2:22.)

Does the enemy want you to know his plans against you? No.

Does Jesus want you to see the enemy’s plans? Yes!

Instead of assuming the enemy sent the above dream, let’s focus on what Jesus is revealing in it. Jesus works for our success and will always expose the enemy’s plans against us, revealing the strategy to defeat him. God does not give us a spirit of fear, but He may allow us to experience the fear the enemy’s plan will produce. God wants to give you the confidence needed to defeat the enemy.

“He (digital man or enemy) has power over everyone I know.”

  • This enemy may be influencing Caleb’s friends, family, and his community in general.
  • Even if others follow the digital man, it is not safe for Caleb to be under his influence.
  • What message did Jesus want to convey from the clues and elements in Caleb’s dream?
This dream is a good warning.

Caleb was given the dream so he would be able to recognize that he is in danger of allowing the digital man to have too much influence in his life through gaming, videos, or other forms of media.

  • Digital media can be good if used properly and with healthy boundaries.
  • The above dream may serve as a warning for Caleb that he should not hand over control to something or someone that will bring about loss of freedom and peace.
The Extraordinary Gift of Free Will

God will do as much as possible—without taking away our free will—to keep us from being taken advantage of by the enemy. We have freedom to make the decision to listen to and hear the instruction of a dream or ignore its message. God will never overstep the gift of free will He has given to us.

Dreams are an invitation to hear and partner with Heaven’s wisdom. Jesus will go to whatever lengths necessary to build friendship with you. He has seen where you are and where you will be. He is waiting for an invitation to be on the journey with you so that He may equip you with wisdom and creativity to accomplish all you were made for. To Jesus, you are a history maker! He is looking forward, with much joy, to making this journey with you!

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